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Below is an overview over our entire tournament offerings. To learn more about each tournament opportunity, click the appropriate link.

Spring Tournaments Summer Series Tournaments
Fall Series Tournaments MAADA Tour Series Tournaments
Parent/Junior Series Tournaments Skills Challenge Series
Spring Tournaments

Introduced in 2014, the spring tournaments are designed for juniors who wish to participate in a tournament atmosphere before the Summer Series kicks off in late-May. There will be approximately two to four tournaments for each of the main divsions (Beginner, 9-Hole and 18-Hole) during March through early-May. Membership is not required for spring tournaments.  

Spring tournaments will be held mostly on weekends but occassionally could be on weekdays after school. 

There are no points awarded for spring tournaments nor are spring tournaments counted in the required number of events needed to qualify for a Season-Ending Championship. Medals will be awarded to the players finishing in the top 3 of the resepective division. 

Tournament fees vary for each event and division.

Also, for players registering to compete in a spring tournament, Rules and Orientation Seminar requirements are deferred until the start of the Summer Series.

2016 Spring Schedule

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Summer Series Tournaments

The Summer Series has been the core of the program since its inception. These single-day golf tournaments take place during late-May through July when juniors are on summer break from school. Tournaments are scheduled on weekdays at golf courses across the Metro Atlanta area. Tee times generally run between 7:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. (although this may vary in some cases).

Members may play in as many tournaments as they wish during the Summer Series. Points are awarded to the top 19 finishers in each age group at the 9-Hole and 18-Hole level. These points are averaged at the conclusion of the summer and are a part of the criteria for qualifying for Season-Ending Championships.

In order to participate in any Summer Series tournament, players must be members prior to competing in a tournament. For more information on membership and to register, please click here.

Registration for Summer Series tournaments begins in March. For 2016:

-Members that have played Atlanta Junior Golf since 2013 will be able to register on March 16.

-Members that have played Atlanta Junior Golf since 2014 will be able to register on March 17.

-Members that have played Atlanta Junior Golf since 2015 will be able to register on March 18.

-New members that are registered to play Atlanta Junior Golf for the first time in 2016 will be able to register on March 23.

Members are also required to complete the Rules Education Program prior to competing in a Summer Series tournament. Players must pass the appropriate Rules Quiz and attend an Orientation or Rules Program. 

Tournament fees are as follows: $15 for Beginner Tournaments, $25 for 9-Hole Tournaments and $35 for 18-Hole Tournaments

2016 Summer Series Schedule

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Fall Series Tournaments

The Fall Series is designed for juniors who wish to hone their skills during the fall months and consists of approximately three to five events for each of the main divisions (Beginner, 9-Hole and 18-Hole), and most of the tournaments take place between the beginning of September and the end of November. All players must be members of Atlanta Junior Golf and pass their online Rules Quiz to participate. Members can register for Fall Series Memberships anytime throughout the year but are only eligible for Fall Series events. The cost of the membership is $70.<--break- />

*Members that are regsitered for a Regular Membership, Beginner Membership and any Membership + Tournament Package will be eligible for the Fall Series without any additional membership fee. 

Fall Series Player of the Year points are earned for each event in which a junior participates. Points are doubled for the Fall Series Championship.

Tournament fees vary for each event and division.

Players registering for the Fall Series are also required to complete the Rules Education Program. Players must pass the appropraite Rules Quiz as well as attend an Orientation or Rules Seminar prior to competing in any Fall Series tournament. Orientation and Rules Seminars for the Fall Series will be conducted in late summer and early fall. 

2016 Fall Series Schedule (2016 Fall Series Schedule will be available in late July.)

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MAADA Tour Series Tournaments

The MAADA Tour Series is a multi-day tournament schedule for players that are ready to compete in two or three day events. This series is designed to give players the opportunity to receive national recognition. Each tournament will be ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard and select tournaments will receive American Junior Golf PBEs. 

Membership is not required for players playing in MAADA Tour Series tournaments.

Tournaments fees are as follows: $150 for AJG members and $175 for non-AJG members

Players participating in the MAADA Tour Series are not required to pass the Rules Education Program. 

Players may play in as many tournaments as they wish during the MAADA Tour Series. Points are awarded in each age group to see who will be the MAADA Tour Player of the Year.

2016 MAADA Tour Series Schedule

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Parent/Junior Series Tournaments

Parent/Junior tournaments are designed to allow junior golfers the opportunity to play a tournament with the senior (description of senior player below) of their choice. Tournaments are alternate shot format 

'Juniors' are players that have not yet reached 19 years of age of June 1 of the current year. 

'Parents' are players that are 19 years of age or older as of June 1 of the current year and are not eligible to be members of Atlanta Junior Golf.

Membership is not required for players playing in Parent/Junior Series tournaments.

Tournament fees are as follows: $125 for AJG members (junior must be a member), $150 for non-AJG members 

Players may play in as many tournaments as they wish during the Parent/Junior Series. Junior golfers are not required to play with the same senior for each event. 

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Skills Challenge Series

This is a drive, chip, and putt competition designed to get juniors involved in a fun and encouraging golf atmosphere. No matter your skill level or age, there is fun to be had by all participating! Each player will go through the three separate stations and accumulate points based on their performance at that particular event. Your accumulating point total for the series will be based on where you finish at each individual event. The point table for each Skills Challenge Series event is below.

Skills Challenge Series Point Table
1st - 100 6th - 50 11th - 9 16th - 4
2nd - 90 7th - 40 12th - 8 17th - 3
3rd - 80 8th - 30 13th - 7 18th - 2
4th - 70 9th - 20 14th - 6 19th - 1
5th - 60 10th - 10 15th - 5 < 20th - 0


The top ten players in each division with the most points accumulated at the end of the season will advance to the Skills Challenge Championship.

Age Requirements - Players must be between the ages of 5-13 years old as of June 1st of the current calendar year.

Age Divisions - Boys 7 & Under, Boys 8-10, Boys 11-13, Girls 10 & Under, Girls 11-13

2016 Skills Challenge Series Schedule


Each player gets two (2) putts from five (5) feet and two putts from eight (8) feet, four (4) putts total.

  • 2 Points for each putt outside 18 inches radius
  • 5 Points for putt within 18 inch radius
  • 10 Points for each putt made




ChippingEach player gets four (4) chips with the best three (3) scored. Points are awarded for proximity to the hole.

  • 2 Points for all chips outside of circles
  • 5 Points for inside 6 Ft radius
  • 15 Points for inside 3 Ft radius
  • 25 points for a chip in



Each player gets three (3) drives and the best two (2) will be scored. The drive must be in the fairway to receive more than five points.

Driving Scoring Table
  Boys 7 & U, Boys 8-10, Girls 10 & U Boys & Girls 11-13
5 Points Ball Hit Anywhere Ball Hit Anywhere
8 Points <25 yds. <125 yds.
10 Points 25-50 yds. 126-150 yds.
13 Points 51-75 yds. 151-175 yds..
16 Points 76-100 yds. 176-200 yds.
19 Points 101-150 yds. 201-225 yds.
25 Points >151 yds. >226 yds.


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